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Anti-Semitism 101

featured-articles - Mon, 07/09/2018 - 12:00am

What you need to know about the world's oldest hatred.

Anti-Semitism is the term used to refer to prejudice or discrimination directed against Jews. Learn about its roots, all the way back to the killing of Jesus, and what it means in contemporary times.

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weekly-torah-portion - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am

Numbers 25:10−30:1 


Law as Response to Its Context


What social and economic criteria demand a reevaluation—or perhaps even redefinition—of divine law? How does Jewish legal development through the ages illustrate the interrelationship between God and the Jewish people that results in new and relevant Jewish laws? The analysis of one element in parashat Pinehas—inheritance by daughters—teaches that, at times, the Jewish people’s response to the divine call may be determined by the social and economic contexts, resulting in a reframing of the divine message for a new age.  

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Jewish Mindfulness in Action

young-adults - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
From BimBam 

This video was produced with the Bar and Bat Mitzvah class at Jvillage Network member, B'nai Jeshurun Congregation, of Pepper Pike, OH. 

Being intentional with our actions is hard work! BimBam and B’nai Jeshurun worked together to create this animation with the synagogue’s 2015 B’nai Mitzvah class. In it we look at mindfulness and how it relates to living life with Jewish values always in front you. Keeping this mindset is important in everything from the botched sacrifices of Nadav and Avihu to everyday decisions like not talking on a cell phone while driving or eating (turkey) bacon and eggs. For more films produced with community, check out these videos.

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This Orthodox rabbi just took a job at an LGBT synagogue

LGBTQ - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
From JTA

On the surface, this may seem an unorthodox choice. But dig deeper and see why Rabbi Mike Moskowitz is a good fit for Jvillage Network member, Congregation Beit Simchat Torah, as their new scholar-in-residence.


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UK-Israel Tech Partnerships A Big Boost To Britain’s Economy

news-in-the-jewish-world - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
From NoCamels

Technology partnerships between the UK and Israel is estimated to impact Britain’s economy by hundreds of millions of dollars, and help Israeli companies gain more access to global markets, according to a new report.


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Americans ♥ ‘Fauda,’ Israelis ♥ ‘Imposters’

jewish-arts-and-media - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
By Matthew Wolfson for Tablet Magazine

A Bravo series starring Israeli actress Inbar Lavi is a con game masking something real

I first came across Imposters, the Bravo series that’s playing five nights out of seven on Israeli television, scrolling through Netflix this past March. The picture showed a woman on a bed, the label said dark comedy, the slug described a con artist marrying men and stealing their money. Sex, cruelty, the suggestion of the absurd: It looked designed—overdesigned—to allure. But after a minute I thought, “Why Not?” and tried the first episode.

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jewish-food - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
Jamie Geller, The Joy of Kosher

Crispy, savory mushrooms are a delicious palate opener. This salad can be served in smaller portions as a starter or in larger portions as a main dish for warm summer nights.

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Chicken ‘Crack’

jewish-food - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
BY ELANA HORWICH for JewishJournal

Here is a dish, chicken meatballs, that pays homage to the lost Jewish heritage of Sicily. In the Middle Ages, the vibrant merchant posts of southern Italy and Sicily were part of the Spanish Empire, and hundreds of thousands of Jewish merchants lived there, trading, studying Torah and complaining about the humidity. These Jews traded with Arab and North African neighbors, adopting elements of their cuisines. 

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Social Justice and Jewish Children's Books - an AJL Panel

children-and-families - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
From The Book of Life JewishBooks.blogspot.com

On Monday June 18, 2018 at the 53rd annual conference of the Association of Jewish Libraries in Boston, MA, I participated in a panel discussion of "Social Justice and Jewish Children's Books."

This post offers some titles in the various categories of books that I talked about. These lists are by no means comprehensive. They mostly represent titles in the Feldman Children's Library at Congregation B'nai Israel of Boca Raton, Florida, and the list was compiled by memory without actually visiting the library. My purpose is to offer a few suggestions to get you started on thinking about books in these categories.


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Philip Roth’s Spooks

jewish-books - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
By Benjamin Haddad for Tablet Magazine 

Why the story of Coleman Silk’s epic struggle to escape his roots is still the most-loved Philip Roth book in France

Everyone knows. Thus starts the anonymous letter received by Coleman Silk, a Jewish classics professor and dean at Athena College, in Massachusetts. Silk has just resigned as dean of the college, after uttering a racial slur, and now stands accused of preying sexually on a vulnerable young woman. “Everyone knows”: Years before the advent of social media’s public shaming, and the prevalence of #MeToo, identity politics, and political correctness in our fast-moving public discourse, the words provoke the fall of Silk, the tragic hero of The Human Stain, the third act of Philip Roth’s American trilogy, following American Pastoral and I Married a Communist. Silk’s accusers, however, don’t know the secret he has been hiding his entire adult life.

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The Hebrew Bible’s Christian Students

israeil-news - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
By Sara Toth Stub for Tablet Magazine

In Israel, non-Jews take a growing interest in studying Tanakh—with Jewish teachers

When Knesset member Yehuda Glick founded the Lobby for Encouraging the Study of the Bible, his aim was to build support for expanding the Jewish public’s study of this book. But the organization recently found itself co-sponsoring a joint Christian-Jewish Bible study session in the Knesset in honor of Yom Yerushalayim—Jerusalem Day, the day marking Israel’s victory and its subsequent taking over all of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War.

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Does Interfaith Mean Anything at Age 6?

interfaith - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
This article has been reprinted with permission from InterfaithFamily 

by Jessie Boatright

The other day, Ruthie and I were talking about one of her favorite topics—her cousins. She ticked off each one’s name, and talked about something special about them, or what they did the last time they were together. Then she started talking about some friends who are like family—she often brings up this topic of what to call her friends who are like family but who aren’t blood relatives. In speaking about two sisters in particular from a family that we often celebrate Jewish holidays with, she changed the subject a little bit.

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Jews and July 4th

celebrating-judaism - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
by Marnie Winston-Macauley for aish.com

There were over 2000 Jews in colonial America and many took part in the Revolutionary War. Here’s their story.

Picture it. A Jew in a waistcoat, knee breeches, holding a shotgun? Yet of the over 2000 Jews in colonial America, many adult Jewish males took part in the Revolutionary War from fighting to financing. A few were royalists, but most American Jews supported the fight for independence.

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Natalie Portman burns her mouth for the planet

green-living - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
by Ilana Strauss  for FromtheGrapevine 

She made a documentary about factory farms and told us about it while eating painfully spicy wings.

The world is burning, and so is Natalie Portman’s mouth. The Israeli-American actress recently went on “Hot Ones,” a talk show where the host and the celebrity eat incredibly spicy wings, to spread publicity for her new documentary: “Eating Animals.”

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Growing Older—With an Emphasis on ‘Growing’

featured-articles - Mon, 07/02/2018 - 12:00am
By Naomi Grossman for Tablet Magazine 

At home and at work, baby-boomer Jewish women are redefining what it means to be a grandmother

Although they are part of the baby-boom generation by virtue of their age, women raised in traditional Jewish homes from the late 1950s through the early 1970s stand apart from their demographic peers.

Many of these women, who now range in age from their late 50s to about 70 years old, were raised by immigrants or first-generation Americans. Their home and communities—often suburban—were infused with traditional Jewish values, especially regarding the role of women. 

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weekly-torah-portion - Mon, 06/25/2018 - 12:00am

Numbers 22:2−25:9 


Fear, Truth, and a Donkey

Bilam, the highly paid but visionless prophet, sits high in his saddle on his donkey’s back as she swerves off the path. She’s strayed, it seems, for no reason; an angel standing with sword drawn is as yet unseen by him. He beats the donkey to drive her back onto the path. The next time she stops short she traps her rider’s leg against a stone wall. He winces in pain. I imagine him throwing one hand down toward his leg and perhaps grabbing his headdress, by now slipping off, with the other. He frantically beats his donkey again, flailing to regain control. Bilam is coming undone: a prophet made a fool by an ass (Num. 22:22–25).

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Want Free Kosher Food? UCLA Has an App

young-adults - Mon, 06/25/2018 - 12:00am
BY HANNAH BERNSTEIN for newvoices.org

Jewish students at the University of California Los Angeles recently launched an app to bring awareness to an important issue in their Jewish community – free, kosher food on campus.

When members of UCLA’s Ha’am Jewish Newsmagazine developed an app to increase engagement with their articles, fourth-year computer science student Joey Levin thought of an additional feature they could add to make their app more popular.

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Gently breaking taboos, a settlement bloc moves gingerly toward LGBT acceptance

LGBTQ - Mon, 06/25/2018 - 12:00am
By JACOB MAGID, Times of Israel 

In first gathering of its kind in a religious community on either side of Green Line, Efrat event takes unambiguous stance against notion that homosexuality is a matter of choice

Toward the beginning of the biblical book of Numbers, Moses is approached by a group of Israelites who had been unable to participate in the Passover sacrificial offering with the rest of the nation.

Lamenting their “impure” status after having come in contact with a dead body, they ask their leader, “Why should we be excluded?”

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Report: Western-Backed Islamic Relief Charity Has Ties to Terror

news-in-the-jewish-world - Mon, 06/25/2018 - 12:00am
BY AARON BANDLER for JewishJournal

The Islamic Relief charity bills itself as a humanitarian organization, winning praise and backing from governments and media outlets across the world. However, a new report suggests that Islamic Relief is tied to several Islamic terror organizations.

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Rodgers and Hammerstein in their day—and ours

jewish-arts-and-media - Mon, 06/25/2018 - 12:00am
PETER TONGUETTE, The Weekly Standard


Can Rodgers and Hammerstein be untethered from their own era?

For about 15 years in the 1940s and ’50s, composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II partnered to produce a succession of popular, pathbreaking musicals, including Carousel, South Pacific, and The Sound of Music. In the nearly six decades since the 1960 death of Hammerstein, the music the duo made together has survived—often heard outside of the shows that first housed it or in new productions of those shows that take liberties with their makers’ intentions.

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