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Pre-K (Ganon), ages 3 and 4, Kindergarten (Gan), age 5, and Grade 1 (Aleph)

Grades PK, K, and 1 meet on Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:40 am.  The students participate in a Shabbat school-wide service (T’filah) upon arrival.  The rest of the day consist of Jewish stories, music, art, holiday celebrations and encompasses an engaging, enriching and enjoyable curriculum.  The students begin to learn the Aleph-Bet, beginning prayers, Torah stories and Jewish values. 


Grades 2 – 7

Our Hebrew curriculum encompasses appropriate grade level Hebrew reading, prayer reading (using the Siddur) and chanting skills.  Our students learn Hebrew through large and small group participation.

In addition to each grade’s Hebrew and Prayer curriculum, Jewish holidays are covered with appropriate grade level information, traditions and customs.

Grades 2-6 meet on Tuesdays and Saturdays; Grade 7 meets on Tuesdays only. 


Grade 2 (Bet)

Bible (The Explorer’s Bible, #1), Israel (The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt), holidays, Siddur reading, Shabbat morning prayers


Grade 3 (Gimel)

Bible (The Explorer’s Bible, #2), Jewish Values (The Mensch Book), Siddur reading, Shabbat morning prayers


Grade 4 (Daled)

Life Cycles (The Circle of Jewish Life), Experiencing the Torah (Improv Torah Stories), Shabbat morning prayers, Parshat HaShavuah


Grade 5 (Hay)

Jewish Values (Our Place in the Universe), Experiencing the Torah, Siddur Study, Shabbat morning prayers, B’nai Mitzvah pre-prep


Grade 6 (Vav)

B’nai Mitzvah Boot Camp, mitzvah projects, Siddur study, Shabbat service attendance, American Jewish History.


Grade 7 (Zayin)

Study with Rabbi Ragozin, Parshat HaShavuah, B’nai mitzvah tutoring, Holocaust


Grades 8 through 12

Madrachim Program

The Madrachim (helper) program is for students in grades 8 through 12, who have attended CJE through grade 7.  The 8th graders are junior Madrachim.  As volunteers, these hours can be used as community service hours for scouts, the local Y2I program, Honor Society or other organizations.  8th grade Madrachim are given priority for the paid Madrachim positions available in grades 9 through 12.

There are multiple community programs for grade 9-12 students: NSTI (North Shore Teen Initiative), Lappin Foundation Programs and Yachad, just to name a few.